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Learn more about our extensive service portfolio round the transport of sea containers and swap bodies.

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Chassis for 20 to 45 ft containers

By dint of our equipment we can transport maritime container of 20 to 45 ft rear-end loadingly.

We also can transport highcube containers due to our special chassis.

Chassis for 20 ft to 40 ft tipping containers

For shipments of bulk goods which are transported in 20 ft, 30 ft or 40 ft containers we use our D-Tec Tipper.
Due to the modular construction and the resulting low basic weight we can unload container of a gross weight of up to 30 tons.


Transport of swap bodies / foreign trailers

The range of our services also includes the transport of 20 ft and 30 ft swap bodies and foreign trailers. (Typically to/from rail stations or inland harbour)

Swap body as storage facility

We offer a weatherproofed swap bodies for transport of bulky or sensitive goods.

This trailer can also be used as a mobile short-term storage and for every kind of moving.